WTF America

It is not quite Wednesday as of this writing in Hawaii, and on Wednesday we do a WTF Wednesday but since there was a big event recently in the US, we have WTF America on our tattoo blog.

Today, President Barack Obama won his 2nd term as President of the United States in a hard fought, at times bitter battle against Republican challenger, Governor Mitt Romney, or Mitt Zero Money as the spellcheck on this Word Press app auto-corrected, which is super funny if you consider the fact that Romney is like kazillionaire or something.

Like seriously, WTF? Did we really think some Dude with that much money was going to relate to the common man?

But that is not why we’re writing.

That is not the reason for this blog. The reason for this blog is the devastation that the super storm Hurricane Sandy caused to those living on the Eastern Seaboard of the US and has left NYC beat up again, much like in the comic books. Years ago, NYC, was struck during 9/11, an act of man, this time years later by an act of Nature. In that time, our oil dependence and reliance on traditional energy forms has only grown. Tough efforts have been made to change and is slowly crawling along but let us not be caught with our pants down once again, because whether it’s man, Nature, or something else, ‘shite,’ as they say in Scotland, happens.

So hopefully we can grow and become more peace loving and Rastafarian like Tattoo Adam, the owner of our Waikiki Tattoo parlor, 434 Tattoo, puts it. Or maybe we can learn a few lessons from our brothers and sisters up North in Canada, the homeland of our Hawaii tattooist Doubledown.

In the meanwhile, for some non-partisan BS, come on down to our Hawaii custom tattoos‘ sanctuary in Honolulu. You won’t regret it!

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