Free Hand Custom Tattoos in Waikiki

Our Waikiki Tattoo Studio specializes in Hawaii Custom Tattoos and has the track record as well as four years (and counting) winning the award for Honolulu’s Best Custom Tattoo Studio as featured in the Midweek by the Consumer Business Review.  We also specialize in Free Hand tattoos in Hawaii!

Here are some shots that artist Karl E. Juthans aka Doubledown did of some knuckle tattoos for a ‘Nice Lady’:



Free hand tattooing does not involve drawing the piece out beforehand and creating a stencil.  In this process, the Tattoo Artist draws directly on the skin with the pens and or directly with the machine.  It is truly an art and as custom as it gets!

For more information, to get a free consultation, or to get worked on free-hand tattoo style in Waikiki, holler at 434 Tattoo!

Coming soon, Tattoo Adam freehands...

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