Hawaii Custom Tattoos: Tattoo Circle


On Sunday, November 18, 2012, the following people came by our Hawaii Tattoo Studio to get a picture with Tattoo Adam, Arlita, Andrew, and Doubledown at 434 Tattoo.

Adam has often shared stories about Tattoo Circles, or groups who come in and get tattooed by the same artist or shop. This was the circle that kept growing and we are very grateful for having the opportunity to put custom tattoos on them and for their generosity and support.

Big Mahalo to:

Joe Norris, Chuck Taylorn, David ‘Duke,’ Ed Parchaiski, Charlie Lamon, Andrey Jordan, Jacob Clough , Andy DeLucia , John Koeppe, Lori Proulex, Ed Overaker

This crew of men and women work with Oceaneering and Electric Boat and have been here temporarily from all across the continental US and in there spare time have been getting tattoo cover ups, Polynesian tattoos, and custom tattoos!!!

What exactly do they do? Well to sum that up we went to Mr. Jordan aka Julio (but answers to Andrey, Julio, or Jordan.

Andrey: “We fix submarines, install new equipment, and fix whatever is broken. Whatever they need fixed, we do. Basically ship repair.”

Andrey is a man of few words and when asked about his Hawaii custom tattoos, he replied simply:

“I love em.”

Andrey began getting tattooed just this year and has been tattooed “23 or 24 times” since then here at 34 Tattoo, our Waikiki Tattoo Studio. His love of tattooing has been contagious and he helped so many people find us. Mahalo to Andrey and each and every one of the Oceaneering and Electric Boat crews who joined us this year and became a part of the 434 Ohana.


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