What to Do in Waikiki? Get Some Ink!

Welcome to 434 Tattooour Waikiki tattoo Studio.  If you are looking for something fun and memorable or what to do in Waikiki on your last night, why not consider getting a Hawaii Custom Tattoo?  

Tattoo Adam and our team of talented Hawaii Tattoo Artists  are more than happy to assist you from start to finish with the process.  We offer free consultations to all customers, which means you are more than welcome to come in, talk with us about your ideas, and get help in choosing a design.  We also work with you on placement and how pieces will flow on your body, if for the first time and to also co-exist with other tattoos that you may already have.

We also suggest people stop in for a custom tattoo in Waikiki on their final evening in Hawaii because new tattoos require care and it is recommended to not go in the water or in the sun because you can damage it.  You should wait at least 2 weeks for your skin to heal fully before resuming activities like swimming, tanning, and you should probably stay away from wrestling…

To see a tattooist in action, check out this video of Tattoo Adam working on an Asian Tattoo Background of an existing tattoo sleeve.

Thanks for stopping by online!  Hope you stop by in real Life, if not soon, then the last day of your trip in Honolulu!


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