The Best in Hawaiian Tattoos

434 Tattoo, our Hawaii Custom Tattoos business located in Honolulu, Hawaii, has been recognized as the Best Honolulu Custom Tattooing Studio for four years and counting!


Recently Tattoo Adam, shop Owner and Hawaii Tattoo Artist, who is in his 22nd year of tattooing, was also recognized for his years of service and achievements in the Tattoo Industry by the same Consumer Business Review in Honolulu‘s Midweek.

Adam’s style can take care of any type of tattoo idea that you have and he specializes in Asian Tattoos, Polynesian Tattoos, and Hawaii Tattoo Designs.  Getting his start in Milwaukee, having spent time tattooing on the busy Las Vegas strip, and choosing to put roots here in the heavily beaten path of Waikiki, after 22 years Adam can do just about anything.

Check out Adam about to lay a tattoo on a customer after drawing the stencil directly on the canvas without a stencil:

Come on down to our tattoo studio in Waikiki  and come get worked on by Adam or one of our talented team of Hawaii Tattooists, all licensed by the State of Hawaii.  We look forward to inking ya!


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