Electronic Tattoos.. Say what???

It has been brought to our attention here at our Hawaii Custom Tattoos Studio, aka 434 Tattoo, that those Science folk have created the first electronic printed tattoo!

Check out the article here for the scoops and details.  While this opens the door for new types of custom tattooing, we have to ask what kind of implications does such a novel creation hold?

Well, if the trend grows, it could lead to people choose to get tattoos printed as opposed to the traditional way in which tattoo artists have done their work, with the needle and the tattoo machine.  There are already a number of people, who never get licensed or trained properly, doing homemade tattoos with kits purchased off the Internet.  What’s next, buying an HP Printer with electronic tattoo capabilities?

Aside from what this does to the trade, the scarier thought is the idea that people could end up with mandated electronic tattoos in the form of bar codes or as a way to scan information.  Those sci-fi movies have gotten a few things right in the past, could the age where microchips in our bodies holding information be replaced with scans that gather data about us?  Will we see a black market trade of fingers or eyeballs?  Will said body parts be like Credit Cards, easily stolen?  Even scarier, are we reaching an age where they could just as easily be replaced?

Editor’s Note: I love how technology connects and simplifies our lives in many ways because it truly does a great deal of good to enhance our experience.  However, some times we needn’t open Pandora’s Box… 

Anyhow, we are still in the business of traditional tattooing!  If it comes to an age where tattoos are printed, we’ll cross that bridge.  For now, these new electronic pieces flake off within a few weeks because they don’t get as deep as real tattoos. One silver lining can be seen with that is people can get a piece done to see what it looks like as a preview before digging in and getting the whole piece.  BUT, the article does note that the age where it is embedded in the skin can’t be far off; let’s hope that Blade Runner and Total Recall  like futures are far, far away…

What do you think?  Leave a comment or come on down and talk with us at our tattoo studio in Waikiki.  We are open 7 days a week, rain or shine, and we are sure to bring a shine to any rainy day mood you may have!


The 411 about 434:

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
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mailto: adamsiehr@gmail.com

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