Hawaii Tattoo News: Man Tattoos Dog

A North Carolina Tattoo Artist made the headlines recently as it was revealed that he tattooed his dogs (pit bulls), a male and a female but the names of Duke and Duchess.  The man, Ernesto Rodriguez, has stated that he did this for identification purposes.


The tattoos were put on in the event that something happened to them.  Ernesto insists that he loves his dogs and shared that he put numbing cream on the sleeping Duchess, who was asleep after getting her ears clipped from the vet.  Some people are questioning what really happened as Facebook posts would seem to indicate some other ideas…

LOL, the World with Facebook.

As you can guess, animal rights activists, and a host of other cried out loudly, keyboards being hammered away at, over the atrocity that this man committed.  While we donʻt tattoo animals here at our custom tattooing studio in Hawaii, we are wondering what, if anything, do you readers think?  Should someone be publicly condemned for an action such as this?

A question that this Editor would like to ask as well, what separates this from branding cattle or tagging animals in the wild?  In those cases, the animals are awake for the pain that is being given to them for identification purposes.  In this case, he even put numbing cream.  Why do we love our dogs and domestic pets so much that we look blindly at what other things occur to animals?

Funny thing about being human and American, so much to not focus on that is positive and so much else that is not considered.  Just some weird thoughts that had to do with something that got the tattoo world some headlines in recent days.  If youʻre ready for you very own custom tattoo, come on down to our tattoo studio in Waikiki, 434 Tattoo, and get worked on by the tattoo artists in our award winning shop!

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