Tattooed Stories from the Life and Times of Tattoo Adam


Summer time is fast approaching and that means business will be picking up at our Waikiki tattoo studio, the award-winning Honolulu custom tattooing studio, 434 Tattoo!!! We are grateful for our customers year round but the Summer is a welcome surge to balance out the occasional slow times of year. So please do call and set up your appointments so that we can pencil you in the appointment book!

Just a reminder to our customers, all consultations are free and all artwork is free. You only pay to get tattooed! Take advantage of the opportunity to speak wi our talented team of Hawaii Tattooists who specialize in Hawaiian Tattoos, Custom Tattoos, Freehand Tattoos, and The Asian style tattoos, all of which are popular here in Hawaii and around the world!

Speaking of Asian tattoos and around the world, Tattoo Adam knows a thing or two about both as he has tattooed customers from and traveled all over. Pictured above is a whole circle of clients who became friends and family who came in over the course of 2012 to get work done by Adam and the whole 434 Tattoo family.

Adam believes travel is an important part of Life and keeping the mind, body, and spirit healthy. He has been to many countries and while in visiting Okinawa, Adam used to tattoo people on the military base, as word spread that he was in town and the popularity of tattoos with military personnel.

Adam had visited Okinawa with friend and Japanese Tattoo artist, Ryo (who has also visited our Waikiki tattoo parlor in the past). Okinawa is a lot like Hawaii but it has a smaller community so there weren’t as much out there to choose from in terms of Tattoo shops when he had visited years before.

“There was however Yakuza Bike gangs…”

Yakuza and tattoos go hand in hand. Speaking of hands…

(To be continued)

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