Colin Kaepernick’s Tattoos

The San Francisco 49er’s Quarterback Colin Kaepernick made waves for many reasons last year.  The signal caller usurped former number draft pick Alex Smith for the starting job mid-season last year when Smith went down with an injury and never looked back, leading the 49er’s within a breath of the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

Colin Kaepernick’s tattoos have also made waves in the media since his days at the University of Nevada and he’s not looking back with them either, getting more ink by the season, and not caring about what people think about his tattoos.

Kaepernick, who recently posed in ESPN’s somewhat controversial body issue put his tattoos on display and painted an even bigger target on his back this season among opposing player’s and including some teammates, upset over his wearing a Miami Dolphins cap a few weeks back, and not understanding his choice to go nude in ESPN’s magazine.

Kapernick’s tattoo artist Nes Andrion is enjoying his client’s newfound fame and has been inking the QB since he called plays in college.

Hawaii Tattoo Artist Adam Siehr knows a thing or two himself about tattooing athletes.  Tattoo Adam’s work can be found as one of Mike Tyson’s tattoos and he has also tattooed members of Chicago Blackhawks and a host of other celebrities.


Adam’s Waikiki tattoo studio 434 Tattoo is an award-winning studio that has also seen the likes of Grammy Award Winning Rapper T-Pain walk through its doors and get tattooed.

You don’t need to have a million dollar arm, a Grammy, or groupies to get tattooed by our team of Hawaii Tattooists, just come on down and schedule an appointment.  All consultations are free and we are more than happy to assist you with your tattoo needs.

So what are you waiting for?  Roll on down and score an awesome tattoo at our Honolulu Tattoo shop!

The 411 about 434:

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


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