Thai Tattoo Experience Pt. 2



When we last left off, Tattoo Adam, the Leader of 434 Tattoo, our tattoo studio in Hawaii, was traversing deep in Thailand and had the good fortune of meeting a wonderful teacher!

Pictured above is Achan Adjan, a retired Thai tattoo monk with 20 years of experience, who still practices, Sak Yant, out of his dojo, or studio in Phuket.

Adam took some time during his trip to study with Achan Adjan the meanings and background of the tattoos that the retired monk did.  One of the coolest things Adam shared follows:

“It is very important to know even after 5 years of studying under your Achan it does not mean you know how to apply the magic and prayer , with out that it can fall out or what they say not stick . Even fade like my originals but you can renew the powers only by the same teacher or Achan.”


In addition to the renewal of energy by your Teacher and Thai Tattooist, you can else enhance the strength of the blessing by taking care of yourself aka limiting the usage of various vices.  Not taking care of yourself can have the opposite effect.

“Achan taught me a great deal about the basics, things you could never find in books that he has taken away from the years of his experience.  It was invaluable!”


Stay tuned for the conclusion to this feature!  Read Part One of the Thai Tattoo Experience here.

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