Safe Tattoo Practices in Hawaii

“The easiest — and most important — way to avoid becoming a tattoo horror story is to research the tattoo parlor and review personal health history ahead of time.” Lizzie Johnson

The West Hawaii Today recently released this article from the Dallas Morning News about the health considerations associated with getting tattooed.   There are a great many tragic stories, particularly with homemade tattoos where the artists don’t use safe methods of tattooing, and unfortunately with professionals who don’t follow proper protocol either.

One thing we stress here at our Hawaii Tattoo Studio is safe tattooing.  We have been in the business for many years and Owner Tattoo Adam requires that the team is up to date from being licensed by the State of Hawaii Department of Health to attending training sessions.  Adam has also been an active part of advocating for tattoo safety and laws at the Hawaii State Legislature.

As much as tattooing is important from a professional standpoint, one must also consider the consumer responsibility.  Do your due diligence, if you have any questions about tattooing on any level, please feel free to ask.  If an artist shuts you down or you don’t feel a connection, it’s simple, don’t do it.

At our Waikiki tattoo shop, we offer  our clients free consultations but even if you go elsewhere and are paying to discuss at first, ask all the questions you need to. In addition to taking care of the client before and during the session, we also share verbally proper tattoo aftercare and have information available for people to take with them.  We also have natural ointments and products to take care of the skin after a fresh tattoo.

For more info about tattoos and health, check out some of our previous work here.

No matter what, even though there might be some pain involved in getting tattooed because there are needles going into your skin, remember it’s a beautifully rewarding experience and most of all, should be fun

Aloha from your Homies at 434 Tattoo!

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

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