Tattoo Care in the Summer


Summer’s here!  That means a variety of things for many different people!  It’s a time to get outdoors, enjoy family, friends, and fun all over!  It’s also hotter than usual and trips to the beach, especially in places like Hawaii become very common.  As tempting as it is to just jump in the water, remember that the sun can do damage to your skin, and if your tattooed, not only are the ultraviolet rays cause for concern regarding sunburn and if prolonged even skin cancer, your ink can be in harm’s way!

“The sun is the number one enemy of your tattoos.”  Tattoo Adam, owner of Waikiki tattoo studio 434 Tattoo shares.

The sun can make your tattoos fade and all that time, money, pain runs the risk of being for not!  But fear not, for there are a number of things you can do.

1. Wear Sunscreen.  This is a given for anyone who will be in the sun for a period of time, tattooed or not.  Sunburn sucks and skin cancer is no joke, so lather up, the higher the SPF, the better.  Don’t worry, health is better than a tan.

2. Cover up.  It might not be cool to wear a shirt at the beach or the park but bring an umbrella, create shade, wear a hat.  Do whatever you can to help your skin.  Your older self will thank you!

3. Don’t go out in peak sun hours.  The peak time for UV rays to wreak havoc on your body is between 10a – 3p.  Do your best to stay out of the sun during the time.  In addition to the heat and the sun’s impact on your skin, your body also dehydrates, so if you’re in the sun during times when it’s not as hot, you will stay hydrated and feel better longer.  Which leads to…

4. Drink water!  Salt water dehydrates.  It’s science or something.  Or if it isn’t, just trust us.  It does.  Factor in that Hawaii is close to the Equator and intense rays and humidity and well, dehydration happens.  Drink water as often as you can.  Remember caffeine dehydrates, so does alcohol, so for every coffee, energy drink, and beer, replenish with water.  You’ll feel better and believe it or not, your skin will be more hydrated…

With that, the ball is in your court, players and playettes!  Take care of yourself, your skin, and both your health and tattoos will be stoked for Life!

See you at the beach and hopefully at our tattoo studio in Waikiki!  We’re open everyday from morning til late in the evening and we are happy to assist you in getting a custom tattoo in Hawaii!

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii



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