Just Say No to Anti-Tattoo Discrimination

In a recent article, the BBC discussed in detail the idea of implementing laws prohibiting anti-tattoo discrimination in the workplace.  Your friends and fam here at 434 Tattoo, your favorite Hawaii tattoo studio, oppose all forms of inequality and discrimination, especially tattoo discrimination!

Check out this article we posted awhile back about the ban on tattoos in the Honolulu Police Department.

One of the fundamental issues that this article by the BBC raises is whether or not a tattoo impacts an employee’s professionalism and ability to do the job.

“You’re perfect for the job. You have all the skills and experience the company is looking for, and you’ve turned up for the interview in your smartest attire. But there’s a problem. If you have a tattoo that incurs the displeasure of the boss, you might find any offer of employment is swiftly rescinded.”

It’s no surprise questions arise regarding the ability of an employee based on appearances.  It hasn’t even been a century since the civil rights leaders argued for the equality of African-Americans.  To this day, you have people who have their feelings about people who are of a different color.  Let’s not even discuss the inequality in pay scales between genders either…

But just because discrimination is a slow process to overcome in all its forms, doesn’t make any of it right.  There are many talented men and women of all races, creeds, and orientations, that get passed by because of race, creed, and orientation.  Add in the mix of a tattoo in a place where tolerance is non-existent and where does that leave you?

Let’s take a thought experiment and ponder this issue further.  What if you and your significant other decide that the cost of ostentatious wedding rings, that you can take off and lose, would not be as meaningful as tattooing a ring or a word to symbolize that connection?  Where does that leave you?

As mentioned throughout this post, discrimination doesn’t cut it!  Let’s rally against tattoo discrimination in the same way we fight all types of oppression!

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