Top 5 Places For Aussies to Visit On Oahu

Sunset at Magic Island, Honolulu HI (Picture by: Jason M.A. Walter)
Sunset at Magic Island, Honolulu HI (Picture by: Jason M.A. Walter)

G’day Mate!

Your friends here at one of your favorite Hawaii tattoo studios434 Tattoo, have a fun list to experience Hawaii’s beauty and history for our friends down under to consider while making memories on the island of Oahu.  Enjoy!

1. The North Shore  

Australian beaches are no joke but Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing and well, the North Shore of Oahu is equal parts amazing and magical!

This place is breathtaking and be sure to stop in Haleiwa and grab the Hawaiian treat, Shave Ice, to cool off after soaking in the sun (remember, wear sunscreen)!

2. Magic Island

Having gone to the North Shore, you have to spend some time on our South Shore!

Conveniently located near the busy thoroughfares of Ala Moana Shopping Center, Waikiki, and the up & coming Urban Arts District of Kaka’ako, Magic Island is a great place to get in the water, go for a run, have a picnic, enjoy a Sunset (pictured), and more!

Fun Fact: This is a man-made beach.  This part of the island used to be swamp lands back in the day!

3. Iolani Palace

Visit the only Palace in all of America!

Hawaii was once its own Kingdom before an overthrow led by rich, business owners and the annexation by the US took place, which still rankles some locals to this day.

It’s free to walk the Palace grounds and a guided tour is also available to walk through the multi-story dwelling, where you can learn cool tidbits, including the fact that Hawaii had electricity before the White House!

4. The Pali Lookout

Experience Windward Oahu in one amazing view.  You can also feel the spirits that rage on in the winds of this supernatural place that is also home to one of the greatest military massacres in Hawaiian history.  Kamehameha I was successful in uniting the islands and forming the Hawaiian Kingdom but not without casualties as his army drove the opposition off the sharp cliff face!

5. 434 Tattoo

We’re sure we are number one on your list!  After all, we have received the award for Honolulu’s Best Custom Tattooing Studio over the last half-decade!  But we list this last here because we want you to get in the water, enjoy the sun, and save your tattoo for the last day or night you’re here.  We want you to have fun and we also have your tattoo to last!  Remember the sun and water can do alot of damage to a new custom tattoo.

What are you waiting for?  Book your flights from Australia to Hawaii today and come and experience what Oahu has to offer!  We’ll see you when you’re here and ready to commemorate the trip with a Souvenir Tattoo or whatever your Heart desires!


434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


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