Where to get a Polynesian Tattoo in Waikiki


Where should I get a Hawaiian Tattoo?  Hawaii, duh!  Just joking but we’re sure people ask the question:

Where to get a Polynesian Tattoo in Waikiki?

We’ve got your answer! How about at our tattoo studio in Waikiki? 434 Tattoo, located at 434 Ena Road, just down from the historic Wailana Coffee House, is open 7 days a week from 10a – 10p.

Our Hawaii tattoo shop is owned by Horiyume Tattoo Adam Siehr, who has tattooed across the globe at conventions and worked extensively here in Honolulu, Las Vegas, and his native Milwaukee.

Horiryume has been working as a tattoo artist for over 2o years(!) and has been an artist his entire life, having also spent time drawing from an early age, and for a long time practiced the art form of graffiti.

Since opening it doors, 434 Tattoo has seen a large variety of clientele frequent the shop.  To this day, old time customers return for more work from around the world, after having gotten their first tattoos while on a trip to Hawaii.

Polynesian tattoos are extremely popular here in Hawaii and Horiyume has practiced them for many years.  If you have an idea or need some help in telling the story through a Hawaiian tattoo, please stop by and talk to us.  In addition to an archive of books showcasing all tattoo disciplines, the wealth of knowledge that our team contains is vast and extensive.

Feel free to make a consultation with us and we’ll meet with you to discuss your ideas, take the time to draw it up, and then the magic happens where we apply the stencil and start your outline and shading.

Polynesian style tattoos can be very intricate so let us know your time and budget and we’ll work with you to create a schedule to get the work on and looking good in a manner that you’re comfortable with.  If a sleeve takes longer than expected (many people think they can get their whole arm done in an hour when it’s more of a process that could be up to six or more hours), don’t fret because the end result is going to be gorgeous and part of that tattoo experience is enjoying the Journey of getting new ink.

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii

mailto: adamsiehr@gmail.com

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