Old School Tattoo Artists – Prince Vallar

We stumbled across this article recently about one of the old-school tattoo artists in Scotland, Prince Vallar.  It’s believed that Prince Vallar would make house-calls to create tattoos for his clientele, opened a “pop-up shop” to create ink, and eventually owned Scotland’s first recorded tattoo shop.

The article states: “By 1911 he was working as a “society tattooist” in 1911 at a time when the fashion for tattoos among the upper classes of Victorian and Edwardian Britain was already in decline.”

The shop he would later open (1934) is a testament to his work and the ability to continue plying his trade despite what cultural trends may have been.  Here’s to you and all the other tattoo artists who have paved the way before us!

While tattoos are gaining more mainstream acceptance, stories like this just show that everything happens in trends and waves and things can change.

Despite change, the best and the consistent among us always rise above.

If you’re looking for a tattoo or have an idea about one that you need help figuring out, swing on by our friendly neighborhood tattoo studio in Waikiki.

We’re here to ink ya!

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