Public Service Announcement: Think before you ink


I know someone who waited well over a decade (they started to date in high school) into his relationship with the mother of his three children, after 11 years of marriage, who would get the name of her tattooed, only for infidelity on her part to occur shortly after.

Now it’s hard to blame the tattoo for that but many people aren’t fans of getting name tattoos for reasons other than superstition.  Maybe its because we see how celebrities live their lives and the outcomes of that…

There are tons of celebs who get tattoos, highly visible, some not so, of their intense loves.  The majority of these seem not to work out.  See report of Ciara splitting from on again, off again fiance and baby daddy, and getting his tattooed initial removed.

What you choose to put on your body is your choice alone and that’s totally cool.  It’s probably a good practice to think long and hard if you want a lover’s name on your body unless you approach it like this guy, who got his lady’s name on his stomach and kept it because of her importance in his Life.  That’s pretty cool, imo.

That being said, if you ever have a tattoo of your last lover’s name (or initial) on you and want to get rid of it, you always have the option to cover it up.  We specialize in custom tattoos, including Tattoo coverups in Hawaii. Our team can easily help you feel good about that tattoo and that area of skin once more!  Stop by 7 days a week to learn more and to get a consultation.  We’re happy to assist and are here to help you have an exciting tattoo journey!

A tattoo is for Life for sure but if something happens where it’s botched or you prefer coverup vs. laser tattoo removal, we got ya!

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


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