Tattoos and Social Change

In a recent blog, we introduced you, awesome Readers(!!!), to Prince Vallar, who tattooed the wealthy and upper class in Scotland.  Tattoos and the different places they have occupied amidst popular opinion are about as fluctuating as the tide!

It was reported in a recent article found online that the attitudes about tattoos are changing, at least among the people in Afghanistan.  One of the residual effects of the war there this past decade had was an influx of Western culture.

Whether that’s bad or good is relative to what your own values are, but it’s cool to hear that more people are getting tattoos in Afghanistan these days.  Though tattoo parlors are still illegal in Afghanistan (it can get you arrested and imprisoned!), many people get them anyway and can be seen sporting them in public, which years ago, wouldn’t have happened, and if it did, you can bet there would have been a punishment to fit the crime!

It’s positive to see that the trade we ply is getting more acceptance in pockets around the world! Hopefully, some day tattoo shops will be legalized because there can be some great health risks that come with untrained homemade tattoos.

We are equally hopeful that one of these days, people will not be so judgmental of body modification but that remains to be seen…

At our tattoo studio in Waikiki, 434 Tattoo, it’s all legal, and all good.  Our team of talented tattoo artists are licensed by the Hawaii State Department of Health and are current with safe standards from back in the day to new advances along the way.  Come on down to 434 Ena Road for a consultation and we’ll be happy to ink you without you feeling like you have to keep it on the down low


434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


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