The Dangers of DIY Tattoos & Homemade Ink

Horiyume Tattoo Adam, a professional tattoo artist licensed in the State of Hawaii working on a client out of his custom tattoo studio in Hawaii!



In tattoo news online, a recent report illustrates the dangers of getting a homemade tattoo.

While the internet connects us and can be beautiful to share knowledge, it’s a little concerning that people can watch a video about tattooing with a sewing needle and think they are ready to go…

One of the most interesting points from the article was that in light of a recent outbreak of infections relating to some ink, a number of home tattoo kits were recalled by the FDA!

Another point to consider is that while some people might be okay with the diy tattoos, everyone’s immune system is different and for people with a weak immune system, an amateur tattoo done at a home could be particularly dangerous.

To each her/his own but the damages of a bad tattoo can last a lifetime and turn someone off from returning to correct it or getting a tattoo that is properly applied by a professional tattoo artist: someone who went through the rigors of training to learn the proper methods of tattooing and is sanctioned and licensed by the governing body where s/he lives.

For more information about tattoos and the professional standards in the industry, check out the National Tattoo Association.  434 Tattoo, our tattoo studio in Waikiki is a proud member and also a part of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, which advocates for safe tattoos.

Stop by any time for a consultation and to work with a tattoo pro who can help you select something beautiful and meaningful!

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