What to do instead of watching the Super Bowl?

Not everyone in the world likes the Super Bowl.  It might seem blasphemous but it’s true.  And even for many die-hard football fans, they’ll not watch the Super Bowl as well because of a tough loss in the playoffs to swallow or an overall bad season.

All that being said…

What to do instead of watching the Super Bowl?  

Don’t worry Homies, your friends here at your friendly neighborhood Waikiki tattoo shop 434 Tattoo got you covered!  Here’s a list of activities for you to consider other than watching football this Sunday.

1.  Go outdoors and play football

Just a thought… Might be a little more fun than sitting around for drunken hours, stuffing yourself full of wings, nachos, and other heart attack inducing foods.

2. Go outdoors and eat all of that food we just mentioned

Hey, anything in moderation, right? Plus wings and nachos and beer sound pretty cool.  Maybe this Super Bowl thing ain’t so bad after all…

3, Read a book

Ditch the iPhone or the Android and get back to some good ole fashioned reading! The world’s history was once recorded and passed down not to mention all the bomb ass stories that have been written.

4. Get your none bank, city, or state related errands done

You ever drive around once the big game is on?  Them roads are desolate!

5. Get some custom tattoos in Waikiki

Ain’t nothing better when you’ve got some free time than to finally get that new custom tattoo you’ve been wishing for!

Our tattoo shop in Waikiki is open from 10a to 10p every day and swing by and holla any time during the week, doesn’t matter if there’s the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Super Series, the World Cup, the Poker Championships, the Ironman, the Geekathon, whatever, we got ya covered in ink!

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii

mailto: adamsiehr@gmail.com

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