Bringing in your own artwork for a tattoo

Up North in Canada, there’s a father starting a tattoo tradition that is sure to turn heads.

POPSUGAR and other outlets have recently reported that Keith Anderson started getting tattoos of his son’s creations about 6 years ago.  What began as one piece has extended into a sleeve of work and it appears that it will keep going.

It’s a cool concept for a body of work and people often ask if they can get designs that they or a loved one drew inked on there body.   Everyone is welcome to bring ideas, pictures, and concepts to our Waikiki tattoo studio and we will work with customers to bring any and all tattoo dreams to Life!

Our Hawaii custom tattoo studio 434 tattoo can perform a wide variety of designs including Asian tattooingtribal tattoosHawaiian Tattoo stylesPolynesian tattoos and more!  Just swing through any day, set up a free consultation and let’s start the discussion on your new tattoo!


We specialize in custom tattooing, which involves creating original custom pieces just for you and are more than happy to share with you what works, offer suggestions on how to make things flow well on your body and more!

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


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