Tattoos for Life & Beyond

Researchers have discovered that the famous Otzi the Iceman has even more tattoos than originally believed!

Scientists have studied the approximately 5400 y/o mummified body since its discovery and using new technology, discovered 4 new tattoos, which means Otzi has 61 different tattoos!

The tattoos are small lines in areas that it is believed may have been the man during his life.  It is thought that the cultural of the practice of the time included inking different points within the body to alleviate the pain.  Otzi lived in the mountains and a lifetime of trudging up and down, amidst the cold, took its toll on his joints, knees, and back.

On a surprising note, the new ink was discovered along his ribs, which lead the research team to speculate that perhaps he suffered from some internal injury or problem with an organ.

Been trying to share with people for a minute now that tattoos are a good for the mind, body, and spirit!  This new discovery further validates the healing role of tattoos in older cultures.

So come on down and get your healing on in Waikiki tattoo studio.  Open from 10a – 10p, every day of the week, we have a team of talented, experienced tattoo artists that can bring your ideas to life.  Who knows, maybe someone will be studying your ink 5,000 years from now?  Just kidding. Or are we?  Either way, we’ll ink you up nice and proper!

We're all about healing at our Waikiki tattoo shop!
We’re all about healing at our Waikiki tattoo shop!

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii



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