Where is the best tattoo shop in Hawaii? 434 Tattoo!

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Where is the best tattoo shop in Hawaii?

We like to think that we can answer that question with our talent, energy, & loyal customers!

Led by Tattoo Adam, also known as Horiyume, our team of hard-working tattoo artists takes pride in what we do at 434 Tattoo, our Waikiki Tattoo Shop!  We’ve been voted Honolulu’s Best Custom Tattoo Studio for multiple years in a row and we have hosted some of the best visiting artists from around the world!

Next up with that will be Korean tattoo artist Macho who is coming soon to this Hawaii Tattoo Shop near you!

We specialize in all forms of custom tattooing and are happy to do something simple like flash piece from a flower to a more intricate old school design. But we shine for what we are known, and that’s creating something entirely original! Especially Horiyume who is known for his custom tattoos, freehand, and Asian tattoo designs.

Having trained and worked in the art of tattooing for over two decades, Horiyume received his name from the legendary Japanese Tattoo master Horiyoshi III, and takes great pride & honor in delivering the best service possible!

So why wait?

Come on down to our tattoo studio in Waikiki located at 434 Ena Road! We’re open every day of the week, most holidays, from ten in the morning to ten in the evening! Walk-ins are always welcome, schedule an appointment to maximize your time!

Have a good one!

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434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii

mailto: adamsiehr@gmail.com

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