Guest Tattoo Artist in Waikiki – Book Now!


Macho, guest tattoo artist from Korea will be joining the ohana here at our Waikiki tattoo studio starting in November! We are very excited for him to be coming out to the islands and being a part of one of Hawaii’s best tattoo shops!

You can start booking your appointments for a slot with Macho by contacting us via email or telephone, both listed below. Walk-ins are of course welcome though there are the following advantages to booking ahead:

  1. Guaranteed time slot – Your scheduled appointment guarantees you will have an appointment with the artist that you want to do the piece for you.  Walk-in runs the risk of the artist not being available, you both not having enough time, or something happened where the shop is not open around the time you walk in.
  2. Advance consultation – We offer free consultations on tattoos to all tattoos but if you book with us, that gives you the opportunity to talk with your artist, factor in any questions you might have, and also do some research.  Oftentimes, an artist will ask for an image for reference so you can print one or share it via smartphone.  The consultation will make the tattoo process much smoother.
  3. For a Guest Artist – Their schedules tend to be a little bit more intense because they have things they need to take care of off-site and the demand for their work is higher because of their limited availability.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to have a truly unique tattoo from one of Korea’s finest tattoo artists!

We’re happy to help you no matter what you want to do so no worries if you can’t schedule an appointment if it’s beyond your control.  It’s fast paced, complicated life these days so we understand.  But if you can schedule, we recommend it so that we can guarantee you we’ll have the time to get you that next amazing piece of ink!


434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii



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