Star Wars, Tattoos, & Apprentices

The world, particularly the internet, has been a buzz with the new Star Wars movie that is coming out on Dec. 18.  Seems like every day there’s some new piece of news, seconds of footage, & more that has audiences hungering for the Force to be with them. Wonder if there will be an influx of people with new Star Wars tattoos?

Something about Masters, Jedi & Sith alike, and their apprentices, eh?


Speaking of apprenticeships, Horiyume Tattoo Adam has had a number of people aspire to apprentice and become tattoo artists but only a handful have ‘graduated’ and become full-fledged tattootists.  It’s a tough process that requires hard work, dedication, artistic interest, & talent.

“I was brought up in the old school tattooing world so I teach that along with the current methods.” Adam shares.

Meet Tiff Domingo. A Kauai native by way of Oregon & Pennsylvania, with stops across the continental US along the way, Tiff’s been with our Waikiki Tattoo Shop ohana since August of this past year and got licensed with the state in July of this year.

Tiff has been working hard to make it in her apprenticeship and is currently on the journey.  Pictured above, you’ll find Tiff undertaking one her apprenticeship tests: putting a tattoo on herself under the watchful eye of Horiyume.

Tiff likes & aspires to create new traditional pieces, sacred geometry tattoos, 3-D biomech tattoos, and portrait tattoos. She is currently working on developing her flash in addition to her duties at the shop.  To follow Tiff’s progress and see some of her art, check out her Instagram @tiffany024.

We are pulling for Tiff to rise up in the ranks of tattooing.  Under the guidance of Adam’s two plus decades in the tattoo industry, the sky could be the limit.

For any tattoo questions or needs, contact us at our Waikiki tattoo shop, one of Hawaii’s best tattoo shops, 434 Tattoo!

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii






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