New Waikiki Tattoo Happenings

Horiyume with one of his famous clients, Mike Tyson

What up Hawaii Tattoo Lovers!

2016 is rolling along and we’re excited to work on some big custom tattoo pieces!

Along with the excitement we have some awesome news, Tattoo Adam (Horiyume) is now available full-time at our tattoo shop in Waikiki 434 Tattoo! This is a great time to start a new tattoo with him as we close out the Winter Season and to take advantage of his increased availability.

Why start thinking about inking now? Why not! Nah, joke, here’s a few tips to consider:

  1. Tattoos are priced and constructed based on the hours it will take to complete. For larger pieces and pieces in complex area of the bodies, more time will be necessary to complete the tattoo.
  2. Adding a little color? While some tattoos (depending on the size) can be completed in one sitting from one to three hours, larger more intricate pieces actually take a considerable amount of time longer. Many backpieces have 24 or more hours, that’s over a days worth of work put into them! For the client’s sake and health, it’s often best to break that up into smaller sessions.
  3. You’re not the only person getting tattooed. A tattoo artist books in advance because shops will often have multiple customers a day (think any other situation where you see someone by appointment) as well as walk-ins. While we want to ink you 24/7, it isn’t always realistic and we want to be sure to offer the best service to all who walk through the doors of our Waikiki Tattoo Shop!

Now come on down and share your next great idea with us. Our artists love to create original custom tattoos and are here to serve us.

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii



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