The Healing Power of Tattoos

A tattoo artist from Toledo, Ohio, recently made headlines with National Public Radio (NPR) for the the work he does, on his days off!

Brian Finn sets aside time on his days off to work with trauma victims and people who have suffered scars from domestic violence, trafficking, and self-inflicted.

Despite mainstream pop-culture figures seemingly getting a new tattoo each day, there are still a number of stereotypes surrounding the tattoo industry.  It is important to share stories such as these because it is a strong reminder of the beautiful humanity that exists within the tattoo industry.  There will be dicks wherever you go in life but there are far more people like Brian Finn doing amazing work to help and make people’s lives better.

As we progress further into the new century, may views continue to change so that people start to understand that tattoos, as an artform, can be as much about healing as they are about expression.

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Custom Tattooing LLC.

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Honolulu, Hawaii



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