Preview Before You Buy – Ink Hunter App Review

There’s a new app on the market that uses augmented reality to let prospective tattoo collector’s preview a tattoo concept before committing to it.

“That’s crazy, I would never use it.” Tattoo Adam (Horiyume), Owner and Lead Artist 434 Tattoo, of our Waikiki tattoo shop shared when he heard about the prospect.  “I was brought up in the old school…”

Horiyume’s tattoo training traces its roots to the old school traditions in the US and has extended to his inspiration from Japanese tattooing and mentorship by the legendary tattoo artist Horiyoshi III, who gave him the name of Horiyume in recognition of his time & commitment to the art.

But people will be people and though we can’t recommend this app, we know that folks out there will use it. As mentioned, the app allows for a tattoo concept to be previewed on the skin, which in theory can lead to less buyer remorse.  The problem there is that people might become more fickle in their tattoo choices.

“A tattoo should have great meaning to the the person getting it.” Horiyume adds.

An alternative that won’t have the same effect as actual ink (not that Ink Hunter could replace the real thing) is to consider getting a henna tattoo.  Henna will fade in time but if someone wants to really get an idea for what a piece could look like and what it’s like to live with such a creation, henna would be a bit more realistic than a project image that could be deleted with a swipe of the finger on a screen.

“Just get a real tattoo…”

If that’s how you feel, we’re here for you to get you that real tattoo feeling with a beautiful custom tattoo at one of Hawaii’s best tattoo studios.  You can thank us after!

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


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