In the Spotlight – Tattoo Apprentice Michael Amaral

Our Waikiki Tattoo Studio has welcome some new blood into the family here at 434 Tattoo and we’d like to introduce you to Michael Amaral aka Komb.  Learn more about one of the newest in our ohana here!

Michael was referred by none another than a former member of our team and family member Marko Livingston.  Marko has gone on to take on more solo work and has even opened his own Hawaii tattoo studio!  Michael, Marko, and Horiyume Tattoo Adam are all bound by a common love for painting, in particular, graffiti!


Over the course of his journey, which took him from Campbell High School to the University of Hawaii, Michael has done music and went to school for architecture, which led him to explore painting further. He began to develop a deep appreciation for tattoos and has been an apprentice with our tattoo studio in Waikiki for 3 months.

Fun fact: He is also serving this country as a member of the US Navy, which has taken him overseas for work in Italy and Japan.


A push behind his drive to tattooing is because he loves to experience new things, see the finished tattoo product, and wants to share that joy with people who are seeking to experience it through their own new tattoos.

Check out Michael’s artwork on Instagram (@_kombism_) and watch the progression of this talented young artist!


To get a tattoo with us, holla!

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii



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