Tattoo Trends 2017

Last year, we shared some of the reported tattoo trends for 2016 so let’s take a look into the crystal ball and see what’s being predicted for this year.

Disclaimer:  A trend is a trend for a reason.  Make sure you can live with something you put on your body forever aka that it means something more than this season’s hot look.

Geometric tattoos

This trend has picked up steam in recent years and it looks like interest in it will continue to be en vogue either as standalone patterns of geometric shapes or combined with a more traditional looking tattoo.


Minimalistic Tattoos

Despite our consumer culture, minimalistic tattoos are really picking up steam.    Often utilizing fine lines, little or no shading, and/or very small, there’s a reason they call this minimal.


Watercolor tattoo

Watercolors hold a special place in the heart of many, with watercolors joining crayons and colored pencils and markers as the first artistic elements with color that children get to use and create art with.

When mixed with black and grey scales, a very vibrant and beautiful piece can be created.


Word to the wise, energize!

No seriously, we hope these ideas energize and excite you as you start or continue your tattoo journeys.  If you’re interested in exploring one of these styles of tattoos or have another in mind, please let us know.  All consultations are free and walk-ins are welcome.

Schedule an appointment to guarantee your time at our Waikiki tattoo studio 434 Tattoo! And if you are interested in reading more online about 2017 tattoo ideas, check this out.


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