Interesting Tattoo Story

Earlier this week, an older gentlemen stopped in to get a tattoo.  Little did we know…

“He asked me to put a tattoo on his forehead…”  ~ Marko

As we reported previously in discussing Hawaii Tattoo Laws, Facial Tattoos weren’t always so easy to get and people needed a Doctor’s Note for such a thing (and one for Hand Tattoos as well).  In the past, we also discussed some of the challenges people can face when getting a face tattoo, but at this stage in the game, we’re guessing he’s not so worried about that.  (Note: Marko did not tattoo the guy.  “He asked for four letters on his forehead. I didn’t ask which letters…” ~Marko  “Rule of thumb amongst tattoo artists is to not tattoo someone’s neck, face or hands if there are no visible tattoos.”  ~Tattoo Adam)

We are 434 Tattoo and we Tattoo.  Come on down to our Hawaii Tattoo Parlor and take part in the festivities (we’ll custom tattoo you even if you’re not in the market for inking your face).  We are open every day from 10a-10p and if you catch us in November, right in time for Hawaii Veterans Day 2011, you can join us for Military Appreciation Month.  In honor of the ladies and gentlemen of our Armed Forces, we are offering 25% a session for military personnel.  Our shop is conveniently located near the military Hale Koa Hotel and feel free to stop on by for a free consultation.

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