How much does a tattoo cost?

Tattoo Adam, Owner of 434 Tattoo, was honored here with the name of Horiyume by Japanese Tattoo Legend, Horiyoshi III. Adam has been tattooing for over 20 years and owns this tattoo studio in Waikiki.

Good day, afternoon, &/or evening tattoo enthusiasts from the happy people here at our Waikiki tattoo studio 434 Tattoo!  Let’s get to business, shall we?

Oftentimes, the first question we hear is:

How much does a tattoo cost?

The minimum for a tattoo is $80.  Why is there a minimum you might wonder?

We have a minimum rate for a few reasons. In addition to the time it takes to draw out the design, make any changes you might have in mind, we also set up the machine, get the station ready, clean-up post tattoo, and of course put the tattoo on.  That’s the fun part, doing the tattoo!.

Another question we are often asked is “what is the hourly rate for a tattoo?”  Most times, customers want bigger pieces and we need to look at it by the hour.  The hourly rate for a tattoo is $150.

It might seem as though the tattoo artist is rolling in cash with these figures, but if you factor in building maintenance, supplies, utilities, and everything else, it all adds into what it costs to maintain a Hawaii tattoo studio.

While it isn’t exactly cheap here in Hawaii in general, our rates are on par with other big US cities including Seattle & Los Angeles.  In fact, at many shops all over, you’ll find rates much higher than what we charge.

If you’re feeling torn about spending this much money or more on a tattoo, consider for a moment that many shoes nowadays cost this or more. Consider also that a tattoo will last you for Life while that isn’t the case with most pairs of shoes…

We pride ourself in our work!  Hawaii Tattoo Artist Tattoo Adam Siehr  has been tattooing for over 20 years and continually seeks opportunities to grow as an artist, business owner, and human being.

Joe & Adam
Joe & Adam

Tattoo Adam specializes in Custom tattooing, Japanese tattoos, & Hawaiian tattoos at our tattoo parlor in Honolulu.  In addition to the experience we have, 434 Tattoo has been recognized as one of the Best Tattoo Shops in Hawaii for many years.

Your money and time will be well invested with us!  Come on down for a free consultation and let’s get you set-up for your next masterpiece!  While money is a part of this exchange, so is a positive experience so please share any questions and your budget.  We’re happy to set something up that works out well for both sides with an awesome end product!


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