Oahu Tattoo Tales: The History of Ena Rd.

One night, in the wee hours of the morning outside of 434 Tattoo, our Honolulu Tattoo shop, Tattoo Adam and JMAW were given a history lesson by Reverend Manny about Ena Rd.

Rev. Manny made like Joe Moore’s “And Finally, Did You Know?” and informed us that Ena Rd. was the location of one of Hawaii’s most notorious happenings, the dubious “Massie Affair.”  It’s pretty strong stuff that you check out in the link but the good Reverend was relaying how in some ways, the occurrence exacerbated of the pre-existing tension between locals and non-locals.

The conflict between locals and non-locals, racial tension on the islands, and with outsiders is something that’s persisted for a great many years.  Many college students and tourists are shocked to find or hear about conflict in Paradise.  While what goes in Hawaii isn’t as bad as it is in other places, it’s still real.

That’s why at 434 Tattoo, our Waikiki Tattoo parlor, we make it a point to treat everyone with respect and care.  We also strive to give you the best service so that you not only love your custom tattoo, but also enjoy the experience.

See you soon!  Thanks Rev. Manny for the history as well!

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