Working with a Tattoo Artist

“I like it when a customer comes with something I’ve never done before and the challenge to create a truly unique custom tattoo for that person to wear.” ~ Horiyume


How does one go about choosing a custom tattoo design?

Good question! Here are a couple ideas to consider when coming up with a tattoo for the first time or you are continuing your tattoo journey with your artist.

1. Have an idea for a tattoo…

As cool as it is to just get a tattoo, it’s probably a better long-term practice to have an idea or a theme that you are looking for.  Remember, you have to live with this and the only way out of it once it’s on, is laser tattoo removal or a tattoo cover-up.  The goal of getting a tattoo isn’t removing it later but we’re human, we change, so again while the option exists, it’s a better practice going in with an idea of what you’re looking for.

2. Bring pictures of your tattoo idea

This lets your artist know what direction you want to go while also allowing the artist to express their own take on the idea.

3. Collaborate with your artist

Tattoo artists are the best resources available.  Sure you can use Instagram or Google tons of pics but artists (should) have books of their past work, stencils of past and upcoming work, and books in the shop that you can use for reference.  Ask your artist her/his influences and what artists inspire them.  Just like the quote above, ask and see what challenges the artist enjoys.  You will end up with an experience created out of your collaborative efforts and it will be more fulfilling to all involved.

4. Listen to your artist

As much as the tattoo is yours, it’s also the work of the tattoo artist.  Great artists are not only talented in created art but in seeing where it fits and flows best on your body.  You wouldn’t go to a custom bike mechanic and tell them to build you a chopper without an engine.  Don’t go to a tattoo artist and tell them what you don’t know.

5. Have fun with it

Getting a tattoo is an exciting experience.  It’s an expression of who you are.  It documents where you are at in your life when you get it.  It’s biologically an adrenaline rush.  Have fun!

Our tattoo studio in Waikiki is open 7 days a week from 10a to 10p.  Scheduled appointments are awesome while walk-ins are also welcome.  Come on down and let’s ink you together!

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