434 Tattoo on Location: Hawaii Tattoo Convention


The First Tattoo Convention in Hawaii took place last weekend and local, mainland, as well as international tattooists and tattoo enthusiasts gathered to partake in the festivities. From live tattoo booths to tattoo contests, clothing to cars, even seminars were popping off, this event had a little bit of everything.

Held in Hawaii’s Blaisdell Arena, the 434 Tattoo Ohana, went down to see what the hype was all about. We tried to head down at 600p HST but we kept having people walk in who were looking to get tattooed in Waikiki. At about 930p, we closed shop and made our way down.

From this Editor’s perspective, the venue was huge and laid out very well. Having attended numerous events from car shows, Old Super Brawl fight cards even WWE wrestling back when it still was the WWF, the organizer’s of the event did a pretty good job of for lack of a better word organizing it.


One of the coolest things to see was live traditional Polynesian tattooing session (pictured below). Hawaii is in Polynesia and tattooing has been a large part of the Hawaiian culture ever since, ever since as Fokai likes to say.


An LA tattoo artist, who is well-reviewed and getting a lot of online buzz, ‘Norm Will Rise’, was in the house as well demonstrating his unique brand of lettering and style. If you look for his Instagr.am you may or may not even find a couple graffiti tagsthat he did while out here.

You don’t have to go to LA though for your ink, just stay on the island and look to get tattooed in Honolulu. Our multi-time award winning studio, 434 Tattoo, led by Tattoo Adam have got you all covered…

With ink!