Tattoos and Healing

Just like a tattoo, healing wounds in our life, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, take time.  And just like a tattoo, it is good to note that in time, the healing will happen if you allow it and take care of it.  Check out this following piece on healing from a 434 Tattoo enthusiast who frequents our Hawaii Custom Tattoos shop.

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At 434 Tattoo, Tattoo Adam has often expressed to me the idea of circles and Life, and  I have heard oftentimes that it is important to close circles before entering into new endeavors.  When I watch how the patterns in Life unfold, I have many times seen repeats, though in new experiences with new people, the same lessons seem to apply.

I’m told that I am still young, at the cusp of 33, and I can look back and see how I was hardly present in my Life.  I was either wishing to be ahead or past something or had an opportunity to revisit another ‘past something,’ that had occurred.  When a Mentor expressed that I should expect the unexpected, the words did not quite register until a jarring change after jarring change occurred.

As each shake to my Life hit, I started to adopt a mantra of: ”This is where I am…”

It is usually when I can honestly say those words without shuddering, that I finally accept whatever has occurred, if only to feel aligned within, whether it makes sense outside of me or not.  To get to the place where I can say those words, I often have to check-in with the different characters of my Inner Family.  The one who seems to have taken the brunt of it all, my Inner Child, is usually the last who I remember to check-in with.  I am striving to be more attentive to that part of me because each jab of Life, which sparks the incessant non-sense of “I am not Loved” by Life, God, whoever, whatever really has to do with the wound to my Inner Child, who I have spent a Lifetime learning how to Love and who I will continue to do the same, if only to Love within more Fully.

I have long believed it possible to not have to run away or escape the “this is where I am…” that is going on in Life around me.  Just because I felt that way does not mean that I have necessarily applied it.  There may always be a part of me that wants to go for a run, a run away from my Life, but if I can be okay with that, perhaps then, I can move back to a sense of peace… permanently.

If we find Inner Peace, it allows us to find the Love in All of Life, even when chaos may be unfolding around us.  Storms have calms and there has to be a way that we can be there for if Nature does not judge itself, why should we?

If all else fails, get a tattoo to remind yourself that this pain too shall pass.  We are your best tattoo shop in Hawaii open 7 days a week from 10a-10p.  Come on down for a free consultation and to let the healing begin!

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