Tattoos for A Cause – Sexual Assault Awareness

There are many reasons to get tattoos…

Some good, some bad, but we never judge. In Tattoo News out in Utah, a group of tattoo artists joined together to create ink for a good cause – Sexual Assault Awareness.

Sexual Assault is no joke, despite what recent comments by a major party candidate in the 2016 Presidential Election would imply.  As a result, these Utah Artists linked up to ink up folks with a free pussy cat tattoo for the awareness and in many ways, inprotest of that comment made by the aforementioned candidate.  If you missed it, imagine a rich, racist oompa loompa saying ‘Grab Em by the P***y.’

The cause was well-received and raised over $4000, during a special event in benefit of Utah Rape Recovery Center.

That’s awesome to here but the bottom line is:

Be respectful!

Tattoo News – Dad lets 4 year daughter ink him

In Florida, a man let his 4 year-old daughter tattoo a strawberry on his forearm.  This is the first case of children inking adults, but it’s possibly one of the cuter cases.

Check it out below:

Photo by Brad Bellomo / Facebook

We don’t take any apprentices quite this young as Hawaii State Department of Health would have something to say but congrats to this aspiring young artist.  Maybe we’ll see her work evolve.

Accidental Tattoo Stories

Not all tattoo stories are created equally.

The New York Post and other news outlets reported that a woman got NBA player Jeremy Lin’s name tattooed in kanji recently… without knowing! Apparently, a friend told her it meant something else and only after getting the ink, did she learn that the tattoo was not what she thought.

Rather than get mad, this woman embraced it and became the ultimate Jeremy Lin fan, consuming information about him, watching videos, and even going so far as to buy a ticket to a Hornets game to see her ‘ink’ play in real life.  Lin, by all accounts a pretty cool guy, took a picture of a marker version of her ink and shared it on social media.

Moral of the story: Seek out an authority to find the meaning of something you are getting tattooed rather than blind faith.  

While this woman made the most out of the experience, not everyone will have the same response, or luck in having it represent something cool in a different way.

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Top 5 Tattoo Stories of the Week

Tattoo News on a previous edition of the Star-Advertiser’s TGIF


It’s been a busy week of ‘interesting’ tattoo news from around the globe and the interwebz!  Here are a few of them for you to take a quick look through and see if you really want to click-through.


5. Soccer Star Francesco Totti made waves for taking a selfie after scoring his second goal during a game this past week.  A fan loved the image so much, he went out and got a tattoo to memorialize the occasion!

Telling you Tim Cook, that image is your new apple ad campaign, Bro!

4. Rub on tattoo for diabetics may end the need to use a needle.

Will this technology impact the types of tattoos people get in time?

3.  A group is now connecting Breast Cancer Survivors with tattoo artists to create art to cover the scars from surgery.

Shout out to these women for having the courage to transform a painful memory into something beautiful!

2. One more football fan got a tattoo of his team, The Cowboys, trying to predict a Super Bowl victory.  Sweet, right?!?! Well, the Cowboys lost their matchup this past week to the Green Bay Packers and have been eliminated from the playoffs.  This fan is keeping his tattoo anyway.  Let’s hope people learn from it and wait until after the Super Bowl is over before deciding to call their shot like Babe Ruth.  LOL, like that’s ever going to happen.

Here’s to the next batch of sports team championship tattoos coming up this year!

1. Artist taking money to tattoo people’s names on herself.  What the heck?

We checked out her Kickstarter earlier in the day and it had already surpassed its funding goal of $6000 dollars, guess she’s get covered and more!

Well, as you can see it’s been an eventful time in tattoo news.  Come on down and create some newsworthy ink yourself at our custom tattoo shop in Waikiki!

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