Have Tattoos Will Travel… To Japan Pt. 2

We mentioned last time around that Tattoo Adam enjoys travel because it benefits his Soul and it’s true.  Last time around we saw in pictures how much fun he was having.  Let’s see what the Owner of our tattoo studio in Waikiki was up to next…

Two days of no sleep and not feeling tired so the party continued!  Adam met another inked brother while out in Japan!  Tattoos were long looked down upon in many cultures and Japan is no different but with the passing of time, this universal art form is a great connector!  As the Buddha taught, we are all interconnected!  Speaking of the Buddha…


After that, it was time to see the Master in one of his physical manifestations…


And another manifestation down in Kamakura.


After some spiritual practice, Tattoo Adam was approached…


By monks!  They spent some time chopping it up and Adam was told he’d visit one of the monk’s homelands this year.

unnamed unnamed-1


Stay tuned for more imagery and stories from Tattoo Adam’s travel adventures!  And if you’re in need of ink or perhaps a piercing, stop by 434 Ena Rd. and get your custom Hawaiian tattoos done by the professionals!

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