Accidental Tattoo Stories

Not all tattoo stories are created equally.

The New York Post and other news outlets reported that a woman got NBA player Jeremy Lin’s name tattooed in kanji recently… without knowing! Apparently, a friend told her it meant something else and only after getting the ink, did she learn that the tattoo was not what she thought.

Rather than get mad, this woman embraced it and became the ultimate Jeremy Lin fan, consuming information about him, watching videos, and even going so far as to buy a ticket to a Hornets game to see her ‘ink’ play in real life.  Lin, by all accounts a pretty cool guy, took a picture of a marker version of her ink and shared it on social media.

Moral of the story: Seek out an authority to find the meaning of something you are getting tattooed rather than blind faith.  

While this woman made the most out of the experience, not everyone will have the same response, or luck in having it represent something cool in a different way.

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