434 Tattoo Visits P and P Tattoo , Makati , Philippines


In April of 2009 , 434 Tattoo jumped onto a air plane and went to visit other Tattoo shops in the Philippines . Out of about 3-4 Different Tattoo Shops, most were friendly , but the one to Our Company’s Health standards that was the up most Clean and friendly wad P and P Tattoo In Makati .

The owner who once lived in Las Vegas , Brought to the Philippines his Business edicate and got down Like any Professional Tattoo Shop Owner would do . So far P and P Tattoo was the only Clean and safe Tattoo shop We would recommend getting Tattooed while traveling abroad . Oh by the way , Do not forget to leave all your drugs behind , or you might get into a little trouble for having to much fun …
Do not trust any one out there , they all want to set you up to get ripped off !

Thanks for visiting todays blog and enjoy the photos , thanks Marko ..

Contact Us :

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii



P and P Tattoo along side with 434 Tattoo
434 Tattoo visits P and P Tattoo of the Philippines
P and P Tattoo along side 434 Tattoo
434 Tattoo Meets P and P Tattoo
Marko Meets P and P Tattoo

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