Graffiti Tattoos


This past week at 434 Tattoo, our tattoo shop in Honolulu, we had a very special visit! A tagger aka graffiti artist came in to get a custom tattoo of a tag commemorating his wedding on his rib cage. Adam is no stranger to the art of graffiti, having plied that trade in the past so the tattoo stencil was done in graffiti style as well. You can check out the finished tattoo here:


Our Homie came over from San Diego and he even did a tag for us! He tagged one of the custom model trains in our Waikiki tattoo studio and he even tagged a piece in Tattoo Adam‘s book.


Wanna get your body tagged for life? Or maybe you just want a new custom inked piece? Whatever your interest, we got what will keep you interested! Come done for a free consultation any day and we’ll get to work on the next great tag line in your story!

WTF Wednesday at our Hawaii Tattoo Studio

Last week, we did Flashback Friday revisiting Asian Tattoos and Yakuza and taking a short peak into the crazy past that is Tattoo Adamʻs Journey as a Custom Tattoo Artist in Hawaii, all over the US and world in his travels.

Well today, we bring you WTF Wednesday with a song that has been making waves on the radio, presumably because of the WTF that is the music video, Gangnam Style by Psy.

Now, how cool of a portrait tattoo would it be to have that Dudeʻs mug in the opening shot with the sunglasses?!?!  If you come in and do the dance from this video, you might just qualify for one of our great Hawaii Tattoo Discounts.  Keep in mind our Waikiki tattoo shop is monitored 24/7 and youʻd be recorded!  Joke.

With that, we hope to see you for your free consultation in 434 Tattoo, our award-winning Honolulu custom tattooing studio.

Flashback Friday!!!

Instead of Throwback Thursday, we are doing Flashback Friday at our Honolulu Tattoo Studio, 434 Tattoo, owned by Tattoo Adam.  Hereʻs a flashback video we have of some fun filming awhile back as we were exploring the world of Asian tattoos and the Yakuza.

If case you just found us or are popping in from I donʻt know from Australia for a tattoo, hereʻs a little background and “GʻDay Mate!”

Adam was raised with a pack of wolves in the old school style tattooing.  He did his apprenticeship in a shop owned by bikers, where bombs go off (literally and figuratively), you get chased around with sawed offs or do the chasing (story coming soon).  Go ahead and just name it, heʻs just about done or seen it.  Not to be too morbid, he even saw someone lying on the curb after taking their last step or jump…

Sticking with the flashback theme, which takes us Back to the Future, one thing Adam has become known for is his Asian tattoo styles.  Ask someone about a Koi tattoo in Hawaii and the name 434 or Adamʻs shop, which are one in the same, come up.  You can check out samples of Adamʻs Asian tattoo art here.

“The Best part of tattooing is tattooing and seeing a customer happy with their new piece!” ~ Tattoo Adam

Stayed tuned for more great news and stories from the happenings at our Hawaii Tattoo Parlor located at 434 Ena Rd. All consultations and artwork is free, you just pay for your custom tattoo.  So chee huu to you as we say in Hawaii, chee huu!

Weʻll see you!

New(s) Tattoos: Tattoo Removal or Cover-Up?

We love our tattoos and to create custom tattoos for all of our clientele from around the world who visit our tattoo shop in Waikiki.  At 434 Tattoo, we also offer free consultations on all pieces in order to guide the customer through the process in choosing a piece that they can be happy with wearing with for the rest of their life.

According to a recently published study on tattoos , about 50% of people who get a tattoo (while they are young), end up getting it removed via laser removal.  The findings also showed that not everyone who undergoes the laser tattoo removal procedure gets great results from the process.

While we hope the client has a piece that lasts and is awesome for life, we understand that circumstances can allow us change and pursue different interests, beliefs, and so on in regards to our body.  We are also only human and make mistakes.

But life is about living and learning, just because something changes, it does not mean that something beautiful canʻt take its place in our lives or in the world of tattoos, on our bodies…

Check out this Polynesian Tattoo piece recently worked on by Tattoo Adam:

It says ʻAfterʻ because this was completed here as a tattoo cover-up in Hawaii.  The original piece can be seen below:

Unless you saw the original, youʻd never know, huh? The old tattoo represented a piece of this gentlemenʻs past that is in the past so he chose to move into the new with a new tattoo.

There are many different ways to evolve, change, or remove tattoos.  If youʻre thinking about doing something to a piece that you are not happy with, why not consider a cover-up?

We are more than happy to assist you in your Ink Journey and go over all the options that you have so that you can have something that you love!

A Special Thank you to Marlena Mastromarino for submitting and creating these pictures!

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


Throwback Tuesday: Hawaii Tattoo Shop Stories!

How about a Throwback Tuesday Post? Gotta love this story and this piece about Hawaii Tattooist Mike Nash, who surprised this kid when he was told: Surprise me!  Mike did a great self-portrait and this customer found our Hawaii Tattoo Parlor later on!  Hope you find us too.

To learn more, check out or keep tuning in here for all the great tattoo news and tattooed stories!

434 Custom Tattoo

INT.  Tattoo Crypt MIDNIGHT

TATTOO CREEPER:  Greetings Tattoolings.  Today we have another ghoulish tale of tattoo and intrigue.  (Eerie laughter)  Without further ado, let’s visit our favorite Waikiki Tattoo Shop, Honolulu’s 434 Tattoo and visit Tattoo Adam…

INT. 434 Tattoo NIGHT

TATTOO ADAM: So this military dude tells me about his first custom tattoo in Hawaii.  He told all his buddies on the ship that he was going to get a tattoo, didn’t care what, why, when, how.  So he went to Mike Nash and tells him the same thing.  Nash starts working on him and the client decides to look down and finds…

Tattoo Adam: Yup, that’s right, Nash tattooed his portrait on the guy…

INT.  Tattoo Crypt MIDNIGHT

TATTOO KEEPER:  There you have it boys and girls.  Another tale of tattooed delight and dare I say, horror!  (Evil laughter)  That’s all for now.  (Free spirited…

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Polynesian Tattoos in Hawaii




Looking for a beautiful traditional Hawaiian tattoo? “Well, you found the right place!” Tattoo Adam shares.

434 Tattoo, our tattoo shop in Waikiki, is just the place to come to get a Polynesian custom tattoo.   Tattoos have great meaning for the person who wears it and tattoo traditions in Polynesian are no different, often detailing the lineage of the person’s family and history.


For some more info and a cool video, check out this clip from the History Channel about traditional Polynesian tattooing  and see Hawaii tattooist, Suluape Aisea Toetuu, from Soul Signature Tattoo in Hawaii at work.

The Hawaii Museum of Art (HMoA) has also had an ongoing tattoo exhibit on Oahu where you can learn more the history of tattooing in Hawaii as well as Polynesian tattoos.

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


Ambigram Tattoos Part 2

Following up our last piece about Ambigram tattoos, here are some shots of ink we found searching the old Google (Note: Andyʻs third and fourth arms were not hurt while searching Google).

This shot is of a Dream Tattoo is what it would look like either way:

Here we have a Friends and Family Tattoo:

And lastly, check out this Breathe Music Tattoo:

Pretty cool huh?  Hereʻs a very easy tutorial video that shows you how to create your own Ambigram of the word, “Love,” in the event you want to give Ambigram tattoo stenciling a try yourself:

But please note, you donʻt have to tattoo yourself.  You can just come on down to the professionals here at 434 Tattoo, our Honolulu Tattoo studio, or Waikiki Tattoo Parlor, or Tattoo Heaven in Hawaii, or whatever you choose to call us.  Technically, we are all of the above including the multi-award winning Best Custom Tattooing Studio in Honolulu!

We are open rain or shine, seven days a week by appointment, walk-ins welcome, specializing in custom tattooing, Asian Tattoos, and Hawaiian and Polynesian ink!  All consultations are free, you donʻt pay until we ink… So, see ya soon!


Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


Ambigram Tattoos


Ambigrams are a form of artwork that can display two things when read in reverse. Recently, a customer stopped by our Honolulu tattoo studio to consult with Tattoo Adam about doing a piece that his name one way, and his girl’s name the other. Pictured above you can see his name (Gavin) and below hers (Alexis), both pictures of the same stencil turned in a different way. This Ambigram tattoo was later inked by Adam himself!


Ambigrams were recognized as early as 1893 in the published works of artist, Pete Newell, who was already famous for his work on Lewis Carroll and Mark Twain’s children’s classical books. The style can be considered a form of calligraphy and it is possible that its existence dates even further, but Newell included the style at the end of one of his books, thus directing the public eye to this type of artwork.

You can find Ambigram generators online at a number of sites including Flip Script, which allows you to create a piece which you can purchase to get inked! Ambigrams are not that common a request for tattoo artists but with this kind of technology and people looking for new ways to express themselves, it is only a matter of time before we see more of these tattoos!

Come down to our tattoo shop in Waikiki and get your Ambigram, banagram, instagram, you name it tattoo with our professional Hawaii tattooists at 434 Tattoo!

434 Tattoo News: Get Tattooed in Waikiki

We have a couple of recent developments at our Tattoo Shop in Waikiki… So without further ado, let’s get on to the news!

Hawaii Custom Tattoo Specials

Keep on the lookout for the best tattoo deals in Hawaii when 434 Tattoo hits Honolulu Living Social and Hawaii Groupon. We are looking to do more custom tattoo pieces in our Honolulu tattoo studio.

We even have the ‘50% off Marko tattoo’ special going on right now. This is for all of Marko’s old customers that want to keep on coming to 434.

Speaking of Marko

Hawaii Tattoo Artist Marko Livingston has left the building! Come in and take advantage of that special we have going on! All jokes and specials aside, we wish Marko the best of luck in his future endeavors and for branching out on his own and opening up his own private studio. We’re going to miss you Bro!


Take care Marko and thanks for the memories!

The New Look Shop

We have been making a few improvements around the shop, from adding the cash register, a new sign, a new front door expanding to include a two-story back room, 434 is seeing a great change. Karl Doubledown Juthans has been adding to his tattoo flash work as well as redesigning our website. We even have added long time 434 Ohana member, Rev. Manny, to help out here and there.

Check this piece out by Andy, who has recently had the opportunity to do some interesting work, including this one:

“Man’s Ruin”


In closing, the fun never ends at the happiest place in all the Land. We hope to see you all for your free consultation about a custom tattoo piece and to assist you with all your tattoo needs.

From our Ohana to yours, Aloha!

Where to get a Tattoo in Hawaii… 434 Tattoo

Go where the Champ goes…


To the Owner of our Waikiki Tattoo Parlor, Tattoo Adam and the 434 Tattoo Shop at 434 Ena Road in Hawaii.

Open 7 days a week, 10a – 10p, our talented Hawaii tattooists know just how to take care of you and get you taken care of in a safe, efficient manner!

Adam himself has just over two decades of experience in the custom tattoo game and our Tattoo Studio in Waikiki has multiple Best Studio Awards over the past few years.

You better believe: The Champ is Here!

See you at 434 Tattoo!