Tattoos and Scars and Rumi Tattoos

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A few days ago, I began reading some material by Deepak Chopra, you know, some of that goodness filled with some metaphysical reminders about abundance and how the Universe is Love, the kind of things that I look for in Life and enjoy writing about. On Saturday, I had a very Love enchanted day in variety of ways and just like the title reads: Bullet Scars, Tattoos, and Rumi.

But first:

I Love me some Rumi!

Rumi was one of the crazy Mystic Sufi cats who was all blissed out by Life Itself and seeking out God in everything.  The way that he addresses the Beloved in All Things is amazing to me and a great reminder that even in some of the Darker moments in which we may find ourselves, God and Love are All around, embracing us Always in All Ways, we need only take the time to see.

Now back to Saturday…

I was working one of my many jobs (5 and growing) and a woman walks up with a unique tattooed quote around a scar.  As I looked at it, I saw that “Rumi” followed the quote.  I was a little tickled because I had just been reflecting that morning on a line from Rumi:

There is a field out beyond right and wrong. I will meet you there.

And I thought it was pretty cool that this Lady had a Rumi tattoo.  As a tattoo lover myself, I have a unique relationship with my own tattoos and how they chronicle elements of my own Journey.  “Tattoos are a spiritual medicine.”  Tattoo Adam, Owner of 434 Tattoo, a tattoo studio in Waikiki, once told me.

They are a ritual that reminds me of where I have been, and are also a physical example of how one can heal and have beauty within the memory left behind, even if it comes with a scar.  This woman had a similar reminder for the scar that her Rumi tattoo surrounded was caused from a gunshot.  She did not go into detail about how she was shot but she did talk about how grateful she was to be alive.

“It is a reminder to appreciate every day…”

On Friday, just prior to meeting this woman, I Re-Tweeted Mixed Martial Artist and Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, who shared his own story of meeting a War Veteran and how it was a reminder to be grateful.  @fightbobby would tweet me, @jmaw808, and even shared: “How can someone Love with Hate in their Heart.”  I was stoked because earlier in the week I joked about getting tweets from a celebrity as I had received a RT from an up and coming singer, who I tweeted to keep following her dreams, or something along those lines…

To some I may be preachy, to others I have been called too idealistic but I have to say that there is nothing wrong with promoting Love.  If we look all around, we can see that there are so many reasons to welcome Love in All Its shapes and forms.  In my opinion, Love is our Truth and is a necessity that we can no longer afford to ignore.  I was pretty tickled at how the Universe gave me a few unique interactions with people I have never met before, not only in the stories that I shared, but also dancing in the beautiful eyes of two small twins, their beautiful babysitter, Jordan (who was rocking a Henna tattoo),  and a friend from college who has fought her own battles and overcome, and so many more who weave in and out of Life.

It is a beautiful Life when one lets Beauty Be.

Tattooed Olympians

In our last blog, we featured a highlight of Hawaiiʻs Former Olympian, Natasha Kai, who was a part of the US Womenʻs Soccer team that took the Gold Medal in the last Olympic Games four years ago.  This got the old ball rolling about what other tattooed Olympians are out there and we found this video:

The clip displays the famous Olympic Rings Tattoos on a number of competitors who presumably wanted to commemorate their experience.  While a medal is cool, a tattoo is pretty cool and a way to share your commitment as well!

For some more cool shots of Olympians and tattoos, check out this link, courtesy of ABC News, which has more than just shots of the rings!

To commemorate your own achievements and for all of your custom tattoo needs give our tattoo studio in Waikiki a shout!  We are 434 Tattoo and we would love to tattoo ya!

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Tattooed Olympians: Hawaiiʻs Own Natasha Kai

With the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in the books, we stumbled upon this unique video (courtesy of LA INK) that combines the Olympics, Hawaii, and of course, tattoos!

Natasha Kai is a former US Womenʻs National Soccer Team player and was a part of the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal Winners.  The former University of Hawaii Wahine Soccer player, is no longer a part of the National team, but Hawaii is still proud of her nonetheless and ʻTK,ʻ as she was known in college (and presumably still), rocks her ink and culture stylishly and with pride!

Go for the Gold Medal service at 434 Tattoo, an award winning studio to get tattooed in Hawaii!

Where to Get Tattooed in Hawaii

Just like the title says, “where to get tattooed in Hawaii,” at our tattoo studios in Waikiki have the answer because we are the answer…

434 Tattoo has a collective of tattoo artists led by Owner, Tattoo Adam, who has two decades of experience tattooing customers from all over the world.  Our tattooists  have tattooed people from all walks of life and have a growing list of celebrities getting tattooed including T-Pain, who was worked on by Marko Livingston, and the infamous, “Iron” Mike Tyson, who received a tattoo from Adam himself!

We also have the only two survivors of Tattoo Adamʻs old school style of apprenticeship, which he learned growing up in Milwaukee and led him to tattoo in Las Vegas and now here in Hawaii.
Our tattoo shop in Honolulu is open 7 days a week from 10a to 10p and we offer free consultations to our customers.  We believe in giving the best customer service out there and want all of our clientele to leave feeling like they are a celebrity because truth be told, you all are the stars of your own lives!  So come on down and make that appointment so that we can get down to business and help you answer that question of where to get tattoos in Waikiki!

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Hawaii Tattoo Shop Preservation

Amal Guessous came back for a ring finger tattoo with Andy last month and well, to celebrate the celebrity tattoo Andy got really drunk and slept on the floor because he needed a place to stay and look what he did…


Since Andy doesn’t drink, we ruled out the first scenario and pulled our CSI hats on and tried to figure out the Truth behind this Unsolved Mystery….

The facts: Sometime between 430a-600a, someone kicked in the door and no motion occurred inside so the sensor went off.

Tattoo Adam‘s Mom had a lead: Probably bikers… Adam’s early years in tattooing included lots of bikers so it easy to see how Mom might have a hunch about bikers and tattoos.

“We did have a biker stop by, he was in all black, a brand new 40,000 dollar Harley, and had on all leather goggles rocking the Harley logo but no colors.” So we can rule that one out.

Or maybe he was undercover….

Someone upstairs was calling out to the shop “white boys!” and there was some back and forth there but nothing came of it.

Could it be patrons of the Restaurant next door because sometimes we have to rev engines on our own motorcycles and they aren’t fans of the music that Harley’s sing.

“Maybe the angry truck drivers because we put a few stickers on the trucks when they park in front.” Andy suggested.

Could it be that someone was mad about a custom tattoo from our Honolulu Tattoo studio?

“Probably one of the other guys.” Adam jokes.

“Motherfucker, why’s it gotta be one of us?” Andy inquires back.

Most likely, it was just someone drunk who kicked it. Whoever you are, not cool? What did the kind glass at our Waikiki tattoo shop ever do to you? Whatever the case, we will carry on and continue to be your favorite award winning Honolulu custom tattooing studio!

See you soon at 434 Tattoo!

When Art Imitates Life

We are all for big, awesome, crazy custom tattoos at our Honolulu Tattoo studio! But as Tattoo Adam, Owner of 434 Tattoo likes to say: “Iʻm a Peace Loving Rastafarian.” and this blog is not about that…

Last night a great tragedy struck Colorado, a state that is no stranger to tragedies unfortunately.  As many of you may have heard, a person dressed up like The Joker and fired a weapon at a showing of the new Batman movie killing 12 people.

As tattoo artists, artists in general, and well, I donʻt know, people, it is important that we remember that art and expression are just that, art and expression.  It is awesome to live what you believe so long as those beliefs donʻt intentionally hurt others.

We love Art, itʻs why we spend a big part of our lives in our Waikiki tattoo parlor, we love graphic depiction, but please donʻt bring that out and hurt the lives of others.
Thereʻs a time and place for everything and maybe things do happen for a reason, but when do senseless acts stop before we start to value ourselves, others, and Life itself?

May the families, loved ones, and all of those impacted by this tragedy be kept in the thoughts and Hearts of all of you out there.

“This is not a gun.  It is a Tattoo Machine.  Guns hurt.  Tattoo Machines make art.”  ~ Tattoo Adam Siehr

A Loyal Customer: Hey Joe

From the archives of Tattoo Adam, a custom tattoo artist with over 20 years of experience in the industry and owner of the award winning Honolulu tattoo studio, 434 Tattoo.

“In 2002, a customer walked in to the shop (Aloha Tattoo ), got a tattoo. and kept coming back for more ink.

The customer by the name of Joe, spent 4 years in Hawaii, serving in the Army, getting ink and staying loyal to his artist.

Through out that time after so many hours under the needle Joe and Tattoo Adam established a friendship, which is a common thing sometimes.

Joe followed Tattoo Adam as he moved into a small custom tattoo studio on Kalakaua Ave, where he finished his back piece .

After his four years, Joe continued on with his duties elsewhere, committed to the Army.

Only 2 short years later Joe returned to Hawaii to his surprise to find Tattoo Adam moving closer into Waikiki, having opened his current studio 434 Tattoo, and as a welcome home surprise Joe found his Tattoo on his back running in a widely distributed magazine advertisement for the last 3 years he served here in Hawaii for the Army.

In those last 3 years, Joe lived around the corner from the studio and was always on and off the Island, it was confusing wondering were your friend keeps going, but when he was around our friendships really rooted well into this small little studio.

Joe this blog is for you brother, although you have left we will be waiting like all those other times for you to come back and be apart of your tattooed family ..

The photo is of Joe treating Tattoo Adam to Famous Hanks Haute Dogs, both was there first time to eat there and a real Awseome experience to remember each others friendship.

Every thing happens for a reason, and I have a good feeling the Army will see it and give a good soldier a good life!

See you soon bro! Do not for get about us!!”

Thanks Tattoo Adam for your work, your words, and sharing such a cool story!  For all of you interested in getting your ink, come on down for our free consultations and to the Waikiki Tattoo Studio with the best tattoo deals in Hawaii!

Tattoos in the Workplace

“You can’t fire me, I’m drunk!” ~ Tattoo Adam

Doubledown getting a tattoo, from himself, while at work!

Inked Magazine has been pushing a Tattoo Lifestyle themed brand of clothing Steadfast Brand Clothing hard online and two t-shirts quite simply read:

“Tattooed and Employed.”


“I Want A Tattooed President.”

In the past, tattoos were commonly associated with criminals in America and parts of Europe and Asia.  In Polynesia and other indigenous cultures, men, women, and even some children were tattooed or ritually scarred as parts of rites of passage.  Whatever the case, tattoos have been around for a long time, longer than formal employment and job interviews came to be and longer than the United of States has ever existed.  So it’s interesting to see these types of shirts come out echoing sentiments that are surely not anything new.

Here’s to the World taking a step towards seeing without blinders and judgments!

Another phrase Inked has been pushing is:

“I wear my Ink with Pride!”

Well, here at 434 Tattoo, Honolulu’s award-winning tattoo shop, we proudly work at this fine art and are stoked to ink you the best on the island!

We are open 7 days a week from 10a to 10p.  Feel free to stop in and schedule a free consultation so that we can get you visibly tattooed before your next job interview ; )


Hawaii Tattoo Flashback: Viva Las Vegas…

Tattoo Adam, owner of Waikiki Tattoo Shop, 434 Tattoo, has seen his share of (insert here what there is to see) in the 20 years that he has worked in the Tattoo Industry.  His story, etched on the bodies of hundreds of thousands of people, has taken him from his humble roots of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, apprenticing at a shop own by One Percenters (Bikers), led to Sin City, Las Vegas, and ended up here in the Aloha State, a great fit for a self-described “peace loving Rastafarian” who is all about giving great service and custom tattoos to his clientele.

Today’s story takes us deep into Sin City as we flashback a little bit on some of the experiences that Adam had while deep in the Strip.  The telling of this tale all began with this Writer saying: “Dude, my parents told me they were in a tattoo parlor in Vegas and the charge was $175 for a tattoo the size of a quarter.”

“I’d believe it.”  Adam replies.  ” In Vegas, the prices are jacked up because of all the drunken tourists who just want to get something done.  Did I ever tell you about Carnies?”

Carnies is a reference I have heard many times in Life and it is meant to paint the picture of someone who will do just about anything for a buck, even if it includes cutting a throat, or marking up prices.

“Well in Vegas, this shop I was at, we had five booths with five artists, sometimes more, even though it was illegal, and everyone was hungry.  This one artist there, Oz, once took five clients of mine who had asked for me.  At the end of the day, the Owner, paid us out according to who made the most.  If you made the most, you got out of there the fastest.  I never forgot that and it made me work hard.”

“That guy was smart, when I first started, there was our shop, and the shop across the street.  The Boss bought the space next to us and made it into a Tattoo Shop to catch the people who left us so they didn’t have to cross the street.  It worked good.”

Though Tattoo Adam made a ton of money, owned a House with a Pool, a car, his dream of Custom Tattooing was going unfulfilled.

“Be careful what you wish for.” He says with a laugh.  “I said I would give up the House that I owned, the pool, all of that so that I could do custom tattoo work because out there, I wasn’t getting to do a whole lot of it.”

Most tourists just want a bit of Flash and I have seen Adam knock out Tattoo Flash pieces as quick 15 minutes.  The true mastery of a custom tattoo artist, even an artist in general comes when they are working on something original, that involves them putting the energy of their own Being into the piece.

“If I didn’t leave Vegas, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Where Adam sits today is as the President and Owner of his own Custom Tattoo Shop, the multiple award-winning Honolulu tattoo studio, 434 Tattoo.  Come check out Adam, Marko, Andy, and Karl today for your free consultation and to get your own bit of custom work.  You won’t regret it!

Tattoo Etiquette: What to Look for when choosing a Tattoo Shop

Looking for that custom style that suits you just right?

Whether its fine line, portrait, scary, new school, smokey, tribal, old school, traditional, black and grey, graffiti, original, realism, landscape, abstract, Japanese, funny, Chicano, cute, biker, sad, jail house, homemade, stuck up, Gangsta, juicy, or just a plain piece of flash right off the wall just like it looks, with the same colors, our talented Hawaii Tattoo Artists will help you find just the look for you!

But here is a Tattoo etiquette tip to know: not all Tattoo Artists like tattooing all the above…

Knowing this, it is best to already have an idea in mind and the style it is going to be done in. Once you have decided these first 2 steps, next it is time to find the artist who fits your needs.

The internet is a great place to get started looking. You can check out ;; To start! Then narrow it down to a local listing (unless your part of our Tattooed Elite World of the Underground, who Travels all over the world to get ink from different Cultures! As we Do !)

It is best to check out a tattoo shop in person, at least 3-5 shops is a good start to get your feet wet as well as feeling them out as a shop, and as a artist, that you are thinking about getting tattooed by.

Our Waikiki Tattoo shop is open 7 days a week from 10a-10p and we provide free consultations to our clients and anyone interested in a a tattoo. We hope to see you soon at 434 Tattoo!

Pictured below, Hawaii Tattoo Artist Marko Livingston showing another one of his talents!