The 434 Tattoo Train Station

Customizing your Model Railroad Train Cars?

Are you interested in Model Rail Roading? Have you all ready weathered your Boxcars or subway cars? Have you been looking for a artist who used to actually paint the real ones?

Welcome to 434 Tattoo!  Our Hawaii Tattoo Studio and model Railroading Restoration Incorporated is here for not only your tattoo needs, but also your model railroad needs. It’s not only a service we provide, it is where our Heart is! We love trains as much as you do, and our company has over 20 years in the Pursuit of making box Cars beautiful!

These days, we don’t take the chance of running with our equipment in the middle of the night.  Instead we are willing to do anything you bring over to us. That’s right, we have Brushes, paint pens, airbrushes, sponges, spray paint , acrylics, latex, oils, smoke/dust/dirt, what ever it is your looking for, 434 Tattoo, will Do!

Our price starts at $25.00 a side and large scale projects are priced accordingly.  For $25.00, we are willing to put 4 hours of our love into each ca , and before we even do a job you will get your flat rate of what we Quoted.

Our Tattoo Studio Track has recently added the Milwaukee Road, merging with 434 Tattoo.   And Now, Hawaii is introduced to Freight Train Bombing , with over 12 boxcars heavily bombed and making stops daily right inside the small studio located at 434 Ena Road , Honolulu, Hawaii , 96815.

If you’re interested in bombing it your self, 434 Ena Road is the most safe graffiti friendly bombing ground to safely not get busted bombing the train. We got burners , tags , one liners, throw ups, and more, all displayed inside the 434 Tattoo Train Station.

If your interested in getting involved, we welcome your support !

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


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