Tattoo Etiquette: What to Look for when choosing a Tattoo Shop

Looking for that custom style that suits you just right?

Whether its fine line, portrait, scary, new school, smokey, tribal, old school, traditional, black and grey, graffiti, original, realism, landscape, abstract, Japanese, funny, Chicano, cute, biker, sad, jail house, homemade, stuck up, Gangsta, juicy, or just a plain piece of flash right off the wall just like it looks, with the same colors, our talented Hawaii Tattoo Artists will help you find just the look for you!

But here is a Tattoo etiquette tip to know: not all Tattoo Artists like tattooing all the above…

Knowing this, it is best to already have an idea in mind and the style it is going to be done in. Once you have decided these first 2 steps, next it is time to find the artist who fits your needs.

The internet is a great place to get started looking. You can check out ;; To start! Then narrow it down to a local listing (unless your part of our Tattooed Elite World of the Underground, who Travels all over the world to get ink from different Cultures! As we Do !)

It is best to check out a tattoo shop in person, at least 3-5 shops is a good start to get your feet wet as well as feeling them out as a shop, and as a artist, that you are thinking about getting tattooed by.

Our Waikiki Tattoo shop is open 7 days a week from 10a-10p and we provide free consultations to our clients and anyone interested in a a tattoo. We hope to see you soon at 434 Tattoo!

Pictured below, Hawaii Tattoo Artist Marko Livingston showing another one of his talents!


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