Ask Your Custom Hawaii Tattoo Artist: Where to Eat in Honolulu?

With the invention of the Internet, Twitter, Yelp, etc. it is pretty easy to get a read on where to eat in Honolulu and whatnot.  Here are a few suggestions from some favorite spots around the Island of Oahu.

Chico’s: Chico’s is the perfect place to grab some Mexican food and a margarita after checking out the beautiful beaches and waves of Oahu’s legendary North Shore.

Pacific Soul: Located along Waialae Avenue, Soul has a cool vibe and great food.  Check out the Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato pancakes or the Vegetarian Chili.  Both are duh, winning!

Helena’s: Of Course you are going to have to grab some Hawaiian food.  Skip the luau in Waikiki and head to Kalihi for some Helena’s.  The Squid Luau is a must as well as their Pipikaula short ribs.  The food there is mean!

Cinnamon’s: Are you all about Egg’s Benedict? Cinnamon’s may have the best Egg’s Benedict in US, maybe the world…  Nah, joke, on the real, in my two cross-country trips from Hawaii all over the US, this Writer could not find a better Benedict.  I also suggest the Hot Chocolate since there are a million coffee places to grab coffee later.  IMO, Cinnamon’s Hot Chocolate is the perfect mix of the warm beverage and whipped cream.

You might also want to check out an okazuya style place like Gulick Deli, Mitsuken, or Fujiya’s.  The food is not the healthiest but it is super tasty and gives a sampling of the mixed plate culture.

And let’s not forget one of Custom Hawaii Tattoo Artist’s (Tattoo Adam) faves… Hank’s Haute Dogs!  Hank’s is an award-winning local restaurant here in Hawaii that as a different daily special, gourmet sausages, great sides, and has character!

There’s a sample of what to eat in Hawaii, if it gets to be too hard to decide, you can always come to the shop and walk next door to the delicious Italian food of Divino’s!  We hope you’ll get inked and eat at some of our favorite locales!

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