Considering a Face Tattoo?

In recent news, a Pro Wrestler who was paid 15 grand to get a Mitt Romney Tattoo on his face, has decided to get the tattoo removed because Romney has been a “sore loser” about the whole thing.  Dude could handle a losing a campaign but couldnʻt support how the Republican nominee was going on about going down.

Stories such as this makes one question:

Would you tattoo a logo or an endorsement on your body for $x amount of money?  Tattoo removal is a painful process and it doesnʻt even always work so is the immediate gratification worth it?

The topic of tattooing the face is not here and we have discussed it before.  The other day as I (JMAW) was walking down the street, I encountered a young man who had his whole face covered with different designs.  When I say young, he couldnʻt have been more than 25.  The friend that I was walking with said: “Gave up on Life doing something like that at that age.”

“We have an unspoken rule.” Tattoo Adam once shared at our Waikiki Tattoo Studio where we do all types of tattoos including Hawaii Custom Tattoos. “We donʻt tattoo hands, neck or the face if we canʻt see a visible tattoo.”

In many Polynesian cultures, getting a facial tattoo is a right of passage and a ritual undertaken with great honor.  In many cultures period, a tattoo on the face is associated with criminals and is also a right of passage, sometimes coming with honor or shame.  Whatever the purpose of getting a custom tattoo is, be sure to think it through so that you wonʻt have to go through the painful process of removal.

And if itʻs something like giving up, hereʻs some words of wisdom:

“Donʻt hate Life.”  ~ Tattoo Adam

Just like tattoo after-care, things happen in life that require maintenance or healing.  If you are struggling with something, maybe go talk to someone or go for a swim.  We are all for tattoos but just remember one on your face that you will regret later is not so easy to cover-up or erase…

Anyway, from your Homies at your favorite Hawaii Tattoo Studio, 434 Tattoo!

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