Introducing SkinBook, The Sketchbook for Tattoo Artists

Recently it has been announced that a product called the SkinBook is hitting the market.

What’s being billed as a notebook for tattoo artists features a texture akin to actual human skin, which will allow artists the opportunity to practice their craft without a live participant.

While in theory this concept is cool and could serve to help aspiring artists practice, only time will tell if it catches on and is useful.  Another idea to consider for any out there who think this will beat practicing on live human beings is the live element itself.

For example, artists can be light, medium, heavy handed or any in between (medium-heavy) combination of the three when applying tattoos. Having a person experience that provides feedback, whether voiced or just in subtle body language observation.  A piece of ‘paper’ won’t pass out, tear up, or give actual human response.

Whatever happens, it’s a cool idea and worth sharing though it’s hard to believe this will replace actual tattoo practice and putting in hours with the machine and perfecting one’s technique and artwork.  If you want the real deal, come on down to our Waikiki tattoo studio 434 tattoo because we’ll give you a real tattoo on your real skin, with the real pain that comes with it and all!

434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


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