Visiting Hawaii and thinking about a Tattoo

Planing to Visit Hawaii

If you are planing to come to Hawaii and you have never been here before , let The 434 Hawaiian Tattoo Company describe how Culture is with in the Tattoo Community .

Perhaps you are from the Conservative World of Politics and Business , And in the line of work , Tattoos are just not excepted and allowed to be Shown to other coworkers , Well 434 Tattoo thinks that is a Conformist Brain washed idea that you must leave behind when visiting the beauty of Hawaii .

In Hawaii Culture , Tattoos are a way of life , everyone wears them , doctors , lawyers, police , and surfers .

If you plan to visit with a narrow minded attitude about the art form of Tattooing , Then Hawaii is not the place for you .

Now that we have opened your mind , its time to talk about the specialty of Polynesian Tattooing , originating from the islands , All Islands , not only Hawaii . Polynesian Tattooing has been around for a really long time and not until recently have Outsiders been getting these designs . Every Tribal Element has a deep meaning to its Culture of Hawaii and to The Local who can trace back his Family Heritage through design .

There are many Tattoo Artists who will refuse to put these designs on to a visitor , but it is something that can be given to a visitor who has a genuine reason for wanting to wear it for the rest of there life .

Many visitors from all over the World pass through 434 Tattoo, and the Studio is proud to display all the foreign currency it has received from there Loyal Foreign Client’s, Displayed above the front door , take a look next time passing through .

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


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