Free Hand Custom Tattoo in Hawaii

Tattoo Adam has been in the game for over 20 years.  He got into the tattoo industry before people used the modern form of stenciling on paper and learned the old-school traditions and has worked hard to evolve as a custom tattoo artist while also not forgetting his roots.  From his early days as an apprentice in Milwaukee to having gone all over the world, including to Japan to get tattooed by and become a member of the Horioshi III family, Adam lives custom tattooing.

As tattoo artists evolve, they take on different types of challenges.  What starts out for an apprentice in helping around the shop, to taking on flash pieces, grows into custom artwork and leads to larger pieces that take up a bigger portion of body canvas.  Another skill that comes with the territory of the evolution of a tattoo artist, is taking on freehand tattooing.

Pictured above is Tattoo Adam taking the pen directly to the skin of a customer and drawing the design freehand.  The skin is very pliable and the artist does this to have a frame of reference while tattooing.

There Adam refers to what he just created and continues the tattoo layout prior to inking it. While there are many shops in Waikiki, we have been voted the best tattooing studio in Honolulu for multiple years in the Oahu Midweek and our team does not hesitate to prepare anything you want, whether it be from one of the designs on the wall or to something more unique, like one of these custom freehand tattoos.

Here we can see the outline of the this custom Asian style tattoo take shape.

And there you have the finished piece.  Adam is known for his unique custom tattooing style, which specializes in Polynesian and Hawaii custom tattoos, Asian tattoo styles, as pictured above, as well as Old-School and New-School designs.

For another view on the freehand style of tattooing, check out this video where Tattoo Adam draws directly on the skin of a customer.

Come on down and check us out at our Waikiki Tattoo studio, 434 Tattoo!  We are open every day from 10a – 10p by appointment and walk-ins are always welcome.  We offer free consultations on all pieces and even better, we love what we do!

Adam Siehr, President and Proud Owner
434 Tattoo
Custom Tattooing LLC.

434 Ena Road
Honolulu, Hawaii


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