San Diego Police Department Bans Visible Ink

In the past few months, HPD’s chief banned visible tattoos on police officers in the City and County of Honolulu. Just the other week, the US Army announced it will be changing tattoo policies to be more tolerant of servicemen and servicewomen with tattoos.

The San Diego Police Department is taking a stance more similar to that of HPD in the coming week…

Check the story out at the link.

Recently, the BBC published an article talking about anti-tattoo discrimination laws in the UK because a growing number of people there, who are qualified for work, are finding themselves without work or call-backs because of visible tattoos. The percentage of people who are tattooed in the work-force is even higher in the US.

What this all means is that people, who can do great work, are being blacklisted because of their personal preference and choice to express themselves with tattoos.

As one of Hawaii’s best tattoo shops, we obviously support getting custom tattoos here at 434 Tattoo, our tattoo studio in Waikiki.

We are open 7 days a week, from 10a to 10p plying the trade we love and have served a great many of HPD’s finest, as well as military and law enforcement personnel from around the world.

Our Hawaii tattoo shop is going to continue to give great service to anyone and hopefully, some day, the choice to wear visible artwork on one’s skin will be accepted by organization’s around the world.

When considering that tattoos have had cultural significance since before businesses were businesses, it certainly is confusing why people are so opposed and afraid of tattooed individuals.

If one of the largest revenue generating forces in the world, the NFL, is okay with it, then maybe there’s hope and tattoos will have a shot at wide-stream acceptance.



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